HPRS 2004-2005 Music Workshop Series

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In the workshops by Daphna Mor we will work on repertoire, style, intonation, articulation, and the role of recorder role in the period being studied.

All workshops are suitable for intermediate to advanced students. Workshops will take place in a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

1. Medieval Music, Oct. 31, 2004 : Open to recorder players, strings, and singers who know how to sightread. Exploration of the melodies and nuances of playing medieval music on recorders. Emphasis on proper posture and breath. (Extra bonus - a glimpse of the fun world of contemporary music and its techniques.)

2. Renaissance Music, Nov. 7, 2004: Open to recorder players, strings, and singers who know how to sightread. The colorful sounds of sacred and secular tunes. The art of consort playing in the period that delivered some of the best polyphonic music for recorder ensembles. Emphasis on ensemble skills and intonation.

3. Music from the Baroque Era, Dec. 12, 2004: Open to recorder players, strings, and woodwind players. The exciting music of the great masters of the Baroque. The opportunity to learn more about different styles of Baroque music: Italian, German and French. Emphasis on ornamentation and phrasing.

4. Music from non-European Sources, Feb. 13, 2005: Open to recorders, strings, woodwinds and singers. Repertoire and styles rarely explored. Music from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America, and more. Accompanied by percussion, we will experience different flavors, new tonalities and rhythms.

musical note See Gamelan Workshops.

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