HPRS Prospective Member Letter

Highland Park Recorder Society, Inc., and the
Garden State Sinfonia, Chamber Orchestra
431 Lincoln Ave.,
Highland Park, NJ 08904
(732) 828-7421

January 2010

Dear Prospective Member,

With this letter we extend to you a warm invitation to join or renew your membership in the Highland Park Recorder Society (HPRS). We enter our 23rd anniversary this year with continued commitment to our mission, to foster a love and appreciation of the art, history, literature and uses of the recorder, and to raise the level of proficiency in its performance through regular ensemble playing of the Highland Park Recorder Ensemble. Using soprano, alto, tenor and bass recorders, we work on technique, and explore Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and folk music, and recorder arrangements of classical music of Bach and Beethoven. The group is led by Donna Messer and Momo Kusaka.

The Society’s affiliated outreach group, Musica Dolce (recorders, violin, cello and harpsichord) and members of the HPRS Recorder Ensemble, perform and give demonstration performances for a variety of underserved audiences, patients in nursing and convalescent homes, senior citizens, blind children and adults, and children in inner-city schools. They have performed at Autumn in the Park Fest in Highland Park, and for the disabled senior citizens residing in the New Jersey Veterans Memorial Home in Menlo Park, NJ. Musica Dolce has performed in recent years at the annual Guild for Early Music Festival at Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ.

The Society was founded in 1987 as a chapter of the American Recorder Society (ARS), and was later transformed into an ensemble of winds and strings, the Garden State Sinfonia. We are an educational, not-for-profit organization that meets regularly to make music. We are a member of Early Music America and of GEM, the Guild for Early Music (www.guildforearlymusic.org), a consortium of early music presenters.

Our Society has regularly presented annual public concerts as the Garden State Sinfonia, Chamber Orchestra of the Highland Park Recorder Society. The Society provides players the opportunity to do outreach performing for under-served populations, such as disabled children and adults, senior citizens, inner-city children, disabled New Jersey Veterans, and residents of nursing homes.

Our Society has provided educational opportunities for hundreds of children through members giving lecture-demonstrations in inner-city public schools and music institutes for ethnically diverse at-risk children from low-income single-parent households.

Our Society provides educational opportunities for adults by sponsoring workshops, such as workshops presented on Baroque and non-European music for recorders, strings, and singers, and hands-on workshops in Gamelan, music of Bali, Indonesia, and Javanese music in the tradition of a sultan's court.

Those who have participated in the past year's rehearsals and concerts will recall the warmth and joy we experienced in bringing to life works of some of the greatest composers of our musical heritage. We hope you will join us this year for more fun and music making.

Our purpose is to cultivate an appreciation of the art, history, literature, and uses of the recorder and to raise the level of proficiency in its performance. We choose repertoire that showcases various schools of music within a variety of historical periods. We offer members and friends the opportunity to improve musicianship under the expert leadership of our conductor, Dr. Lynn Gumert. We welcome any person who subscribes to these purposes.


Donna Messer, Founder and President
Tel. (732) 828-7421
Web Site: http://www.hprecorder.org

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