Sunday Afternoon Workshop-Series for Recorders, Strings, Woodwinds and Singers Presented by Daphna Mor

Daphna MorLed by Daphna Mor, this four-part series for sight-readers explored the special techniques and sounds of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods and non-European music for wind, string and choral musicians.

Medieval Music - Oct. 31, 2004

  • The melodies and nuances of playing medieval music on recorders.
  • Proper posture and breath
  • Bonus glimpse of the fun world of contemporary music and its techniques.

Renaissance Music - Nov. 7, 2004

  • The colorful sounds of sacred and secular tunes and the art of consort-playing in the period that delivered some of the best-ever polyphonic music for recorder ensembles.
  • Ensemble skills and intonation.

Baroque Music - Dec. 12, 2005

  • The great masters and different styles of Italian, German and French baroque. Ornamentation and phrasing.

Non-European Music - Feb. 13, 2005

  • Rarely explored repertoires and styles from the Middle East, Eastern Europe, South America and more, including percussion accompaniment.
  • Different flavors, new tonalities and new rhythms.

HPRS 2004-2005 Music Workshop Series

Two Hands-On Workshops in Gamelan

Nov. 21, 2004 and Jan. 16, 2005

By Dean Poulsen

Part I. Music of Bali, Indonesia. Classical and folk traditions.
Nov. 21, 2004

Bali girl
Balinese Gamelan: Indonesian percussion orchestra featuring metallophones, vertical and horizontal gongs, flutes, drums, and bamboo rattles. This will include an overview of the cultural context. Music and dance are used in all rites of passage ceremonies, and each one uses a different kind of gamelan. Participants will learn about various types of gamelan, how they are used, different tuning systems, and the proper performance technique. Every participant will sit at an instrument and play in a gamelan ensemble. The ensemble will learn to play excerpts from the folk repertoire and dance music. Mr. Poulsen will demonstrate Javanese and Balinese shadow puppets used in shadow puppet theater. Finally, participants will be given resources and materials for further study. Open to beginning and advanced musicians, non-musicians, teachers and music teachers. Everyone is welcome.

Part II. A Continuation of Hands-On Workshop in Gamelan. Balinese and Javanese Music in the Tradition of a Sultan's Court.
Jan. 16, 2005

In-depth study and performance of gamelan music, a classical tradition with improvisation. Continued focus on performance techniques, including ornamentation and improvisation within the Javanese gamelan tradition. Open to beginning and advanced musicians, non-musicians, teachers and music teachers. Everyone is welcome.
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