Audio Clips

A Selection  of Spanish, Sephardic and Latin American Music In Honor of Prof. Eugene Roan

By the Highland Park Recorder Society, Musica Dolce and the  Zorzal Music Ensemble.

Cuando el rey Nimrod

La tricotea


Oygan una jacarilla

Trio Sonata/Castro

Nani nani/Durme, durme

Adiyo kerida

Vaya de musica, Orfeos

Dame albricia

Highland Park Recorder Society 30th Anniversary full concert in 2017

The Highland Park Recorder Society presented its 30th anniversary concert. The concert included the world premiere of “Highland Concerto,” a neo-Baroque concerto grosso by John Franek for recorders, strings and basso continuo.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Part four