Photo gallery 2009

  • Musica Dolce and Friends<br>Seated, from left: Lea Karpman (violin), Martin Steinberg (violincello)<br>Standing, from left: Momo Kusaka (recorder), Ingrid (Hong Ying) Tang<br>(violin), Donna Messer (recorder), Min-Ju Lee (harpsichord)
  • Combined Ensembles (except for John B.)<br>Seated, from left: Martin Steinberg (violincello), Momo Kusaka (alto and bass recorders), Sayaka Nishisaka (alto, tenor and great bass recorders), Edyth Sarnoff (viola da gamba, recorder, percussion)<br>Second row: Min-Ju Lee (harpsichord), Carol Weiss (soprano, tenor and bass recorders), Donna Messer (soprano and alto recorders), Lea Karpman (violin).<br>Third row: Harumi Nakagawa (alto recorder), Ingrid (Hong Ying) Tang (violin), Patti Fetrow (mezzo soprano).<br>Fourth row: Catharine Roth (alto), Marta Robertson (harpsichord, recorders, percussion).<br>Fifth row: Jeff Pines (percussion), Lynn Gumert (Artistic Director, soprano, alto recorder), Russ Condon (tenor recorder), and Carlos Fernandez (tenor, guitar, percussion)
  • Guest Artists John Burkhalter (soprano recorder) and Min-Ju Lee (harpsichord)
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