Membership Application

Please print this form, return along with your membership dues (make check payable to The Highland Park Recorder Society) and mail to the address below:

Highland Park Recorder Society, Inc.
Garden State Sinfonia, Chamber Orchestra
431 Lincoln Ave.
Highland Park, NJ 08904
(732) 828-7421
Name: ________________________________Home Phone: ______________
Address: ________________________________Work Phone: ______________
City: __________________ State:_______ Zip: ________E-Mail Addr: ______________

Instruments Played:
Recorder: I play S A T B GB Recorder(s) I own S A T B GB Recorder(s)
Other: Piano Harpsichord Guitar Violin Viola Cello Flute Oboe Percussion
Viol: Treble Tenor Bass
Viola da Gamba: Treble Tenor Bass
 Most comfortable playing:
Would like to learn:
Ability: Low IntermediatePlay S or A or T and know most of the notes. Rhythm and sight reading OK on slow, easy pieces.
  IntermediatePlay S and A, or A and T. Can read alto up to an octave. Rhythm and sight reading OK if music is not too fast.
  High IntermediatePlay SAT and some Bass, and can switch back and forth. Can sight read most pieces and "get back in" if reading from a score.
  AdvancedPlay all recorders. Can read treble, bass and (maybe) alto clefs. Sight read fluently. Can ornament Renaissance and Baroque pieces.
Music Preferences: Medieval Renaissance Baroque Modern Folk Other: _________
Times Available: Daytime Evenings Weekends
Areas I can contribute: Assist with Mailings Publicity Desktop Publishing