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Change of Plans - New Plan - Online Seminar on Music of Telemann and Quantz

Led by Steven Russell.
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At this seminar we will explore two strikingly beautiful pieces of Baroque music written originally, and particularly well for, the alto recorder. In the Telemann we will have the opportunity to play music for two alto recorders together, and enjoy their interplay. We will also investigate his naming of several movements with historical women’s names. In the Quantz we will look at how the composer, an expert on the flute, writes differently for the transverse flute as opposed to the recorder.

For the Telemann players can decide to play either of the two alto recorder parts. For the Quantz, the alto recorder part is labeled “Flauto dolce.” The other part is for the transverse flute. The Quantz file starts out showing the full score. Register to receive the music in advance, and Zoom invitation.

Georg Philipp Telemann: Trio Sonata 55 in C Major (TWV 42:C1) for two alto recorders and basso continuo

  • III  Xantippe
  • IV  Lucretia
  • V  Corinna
  • VI  Clelia
  • VII  Dido

Johann Joachim Quantz : Trio Sonata in C major, QV 2:Anh.3 For transverse flute, recorder, and basso continuo

  • I  Affetuoso
  • II  Alla breve
  • III  Larghetto

Titles in bold we will most definitely play.

Early Music Month and Play the Recorder Month Special – Bring a friend or two for free!

Register by Sunday, March 19 9:00PM EDT to get the music and Zoom link.

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Bring to life the music of Telemann and Quantz. Do join us!

Grant funding has been provided by the Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners
Through a grant award from the Middlesex County Cultural and Arts Trust Fund.