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Change of Plans - New Plan - Online Seminar on Medieval Dance Music

Led by Lewis Baratz.
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In this seminar we will explore 13th-century and 14th-century monophonic dance music from France and Italy. We will look specifically at some French Estampies and selections from the famous Italian manuscripts of 1400 preserved today in the British Library as Add. MS 29987, which includes Saltarellos, and Lamento di Tristano and La Manfredina, the last two of which are a pair of related dances, and other monophonic dances. We will examine about eight of these pieces during the seminar.

Springtime Special – Bring a friend or two for free!

To bring a friend or two for free, after you have registered send an email to with their names, email address, and the state they live in.

Register by Sunday, May 14 9:00PM EDT to get the music and Zoom link.

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Grant funding has been provided by the Middlesex County Board of County Commissioners
Through a grant award from the Middlesex County Cultural and Arts Trust Fund.